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On the company's DC system flow channeling and insulation fault monitoring invention patent

Add Time:2017/8/3 11:18:55

My company submitted on 1 February 2013 to the State Intellectual Property Office for AC and DC system insulation fault line selection method of monitoring patent, in August 5, 2015 won the national invention patents, patent No. ZL201310040223.6, we found that in the market means the units and individuals using the technology scope of protection of rights listed my company's patent technology, especially in communication into the insulation monitoring device monitoring line selection method of DC system, this patent is our R & D personnel technology of hard work, our company made a record, if any unit or individual without my company agreed to continue the invasion of our company the protection of the rights of patent technology, our company will prosecute such tort by legal means, to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of our company At the same time, we hope that the use of this patent technology will be carefully chosen by the various units, and the use of this patented technology will infringe on our company's rights without our company's consent.

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