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DC Monitoring and Maintenance

YW-D600 Portable DC System Ground Fault Finder

YW-D600 can be used to detected that all kinds of insulation faults and AC fleeing into DC fault in DC system voltage level 24V/48V/110V/220V.

Functional features

(1) Function of DC-system grounding voltage measurement and Insulation resistance measurement.

(2) Function of testing the AC fleeing into DC and grounding fault Point locations.

(3) Function of branch grounding fault Point locations and branch insulation resistance measurement.

(4)high-precision clamp ammeter.

(5) Function of finding grounding on no signal.

(6) Function of display the fault current waveform curve and fault direction.

Main Specifications

(1) Using the environment

The environment temperature: -5℃+50℃;

Relative humidity: Less than or equal to 90%;

(2) Wireless communication Specifications

Power of signal : ≤ 10dbm;

Signal band: 433Mhz;

Sensitivity: 106dBm;

Transmission distance: In the range of visibility, the reliable transmission from the ground 2m distance of 100m.

(3) Analyzer Specifications

Applicable DC system voltage levels: 24V,48V,110V,220V

System voltage measurement range: 0V to 300V;

DC to the ground voltage measurement range: 0V to 300V;

AC to the ground voltage measurement range: 0V to 280V;

Display mode: LCD;

Detection signal current size: 0 to 2mA;

Detection signal voltage amplitude: 0 to 50V;

Signal frequency: 0.167Hz;

(4) Detector Specifications

Time waveform display:12s;

Current measurement range: ±50mA;

Display mode: LCD;

Direction display : up arrow indicate same direction and down arrow indicate inverse direction

Clamp size: Ф30mm;

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